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Essendon Drug Fiasco 1 year 9 months ago #176172

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So it appears the Essendon were about to self report in 2013 to ASADA regarding drugs which weren't on ASADA's list. Suddenly they appear on the list the day before the self reporting.. One smells a rat. Were ASADA warned of this report or were they completely a mob of inefficient wankers. Even Julia Gillard had her say & she was a total wanker also.If ASADA didn't have the grug on their list then the Essendon Football Club were innocent. So much for WADA's crappy case.. Perhaps Essendon's recourse should be to sue ASADA for damages caused by these wankers.. Apologies to Peter North aka Ankorman.

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Essendon Drug Fiasco 1 year 9 months ago #176220

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You seem to have overlooked a very relevant point, Leather.

According to Richard Ings, the former ASADA boss, it is the world body - WADA - which decides what is on the prohibited list. The fact that ASADA did, or did not, have it listed is neither here nor there.

Former ASADA CEO Richard Ings, who led the organisation from 2005-10, was less than impressed by the revelations.

Ings said none of the new evidence would have any bearing on the decision reached by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“WADA determine what’s banned. Not ASADA,” he tweeted. “And no one argues successfully that TB-4 is not banned. EFC34 were well represented at both hearing. They lost.”

Ings went on to tweet the information was a matter of public record throughout the proceedings.

“We have been through this thymosin versus TB4 question years ago. It was argued at the hearings. TB-4 was banned before during and after CAS found it was used at EFC,” he wrote.


So you can put your conspiracy hat back in the cupboard for the time being.

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