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BIG round 9.. 1 week 2 days ago #207415

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welcome back after the bye and I’m sure we are all keen to get back into it.
big... massive last round of football before we head into the second half of the season.
1v2 both undefeated and 3v4.

cobras v cott
cott a must win to hold 5th spot and I’m sure cobras will be looking to shake things up a bit and not make it that easy.
cott by 3 goals 

ellenbrook v canning 
7 v 8, probably not were ellenbrook  would of like to be sitting considering after last years efforts, but now they have the back half to hopefully get there season back on track, tough for the young tiger cubs to travel out there and get a win
eels by 6 goals 

Believe it or not but belmont were a draw with Piara the week before last... then after half time they didn’t show up. I know they have been hit with injuries but they must win some of the toughest games to stay in touch with the 5 and Nolla are coming hard, they have kicked some good scores in the past couple of matches and will only be a matter of time before they get someone!
belmont by 12 points 

the one we have been waiting for.... both undefeated, both well drilled and both have some quality players. Both used the bye to rest up before this clash of the c3 titans and know doubt the ressies game will also be just as good. I feel like the doggies may have that touch more class but Piara drive that pressure. Only one winner come Saturday afternoon (unless it’s a draw)
brentwood by 3 points 

secrets v lakes
very impressed with lakes and how there traveling at the moment, sitting 4th and if they can win a big game away from home here it will definitely boost there confidence going into the second half of the season, secrets always hard to beat out there tho and with the windy conditions set for the weekend it looks like to be a tough one.
secrets by 5 goals 

good luck everyone

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BIG round 9.. 1 week 1 day ago #207443

  • HMac
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Great write up KTB

looks like a great round comiung up in c3

cobras vs cottesloe
cott are fast improving they were pretty competitive against top team brentwood last round. It's been a long year for the cobras and I think this will be a long day for them. cott by 10 goals

ellenbrook vs canning
ellenbrook play there home deck well and canning have been struggling latly so I think ellenbrook will get back on the winners list by 8 goals

belmont vs nolla
nolla are also fast improving and I think will take it right up to Belmont but Belmont will have to much class and get up by 3 goals 

brentwood vs piara
defenitly match of the round I'm looking forward to watching this one. both undefeated teams and brentwood with the better % so will come in favourites. both teams have alot of talent and probably won't be in this grade next year I'm tipping Brentwood by 1 goal.

secret harbour vs cockburn lakes
this should be another great game secret harbou are very competitive and run hard all day. cockburn lakes are not far off the mark and will defenitly take it up to them. I'm tipping secrets because of the home ground advantage by 2 goals

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BIG round 9.. 1 week 1 day ago #207446

  • Bulldog1990
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Great reviews by both! Half way through the season after this weekend and we will have a few cracker games to finish the half way mark. I feel the top 3 teams will be set for the remaining year with the top two position wise still pending, the 5th position is going to be a hot topic with Cottesloe, Ellenbrook & Belmont battling out for position at the end of the year. Relegation is going to play a big part this remaining half with Nolla finding form it could come down to %

Now this weeks games - 

Cobras 9th vs Cottesloe 5th -  
Cobras are struggling this year but have good numbers with colts & a thirds side. Cottesloe have been improving and the team is at max points each week so spots must be tough on the club. Big oval will give cobras young guys a advantage but Cottesloe to get up 4 goals

Ellenbrook 7th vs Canning 8th -
Ellenbrook finally put a end to the losing streak and will be confident this week playing the young Canning side. Canning haven't been travelling well since round 1 I feel each week is a different side and not sure what to expect. The travel might be too much for canning and ellenbrook play there deck well 6 goals

Belmont 6th vs Nollamara 10th -
Belmont had a tough match against Piara and were in it til half time, which shows they can play but need to pull 4 quarters together. Nollamara have been improving each week and will test teams throughout the remainder, this game is a tough one with a goal in it. Home team to get up 1 goal.

Brentwood 1st vs Piara 2nd - 
MOTR The game we have been waiting for with both teams undefeated so far. Brentwood with greater % separating the 2 sides. Brentwood have a well drilled side and new inclusions this year making a big difference to previous and the depth is showing with both teams 1 & 2. Piara have adjusted well to C3 and have included a few good players also, this will come down to maintaining structures and discipline. big ground and home ground advantage to help brentwood but piara have the cattle to get in done 1 goal.

Secret Harbour 3rd vs Lakes 4th - 
Secrets have been playing well with a few minor slip ups here & there. Lost the the 2 tops teams and have taken care of the rest so far, a young team playing well. Lakes are travelling well but each week are different side also if they can fix the structure they can challenge the rest. Secrets to get up 5 goals.   



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BIG round 9.. 1 week 1 day ago #207478

  • koopaloop
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Nice write ups guys

My mid season round 9 tips

Cott by 3 goals
Canning by 7 points 
Belmont by 4 goals
Piara by 4 or more goals
Lakes by 2 goals 

Goodluck to all 

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