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CATS too good again 8 years 2 days ago #52073

  • swan42
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Cats keep on winning & climbing the ladder..

We are a pretty honest team. Wont go down without a fight, but we aint quite up their with the Hawks and Swans, who have a bit more class than us.

Certainly helps when you are given unwarranted free kicks directly in front deep in the last quarter.

Cliched response. blues won the free kick count 26/20, plus the umps missed push squaerin the back to Horlin smith late in the 4th quarter, as he was running in to goal, still they wont replay that of course. Winners are grinners, losers can please emselves.

and Unka2 the karma bus is after Geelong.

Dont really care Swan42, 3 flags or recent times, and ANOTHER top 4 finish, despite the pundits planning our demise. Even if we got ou in straight sets, we have done very well. Reckon the Karma bus broke down and didnt make it to the cattery

Unka2 Geelong are a classic example of the adage that 90% of the game is played above the shoulders. They are never beaten whatever position they find themselves in. I wouldn't be so quick to write them off for the finals

Mikeh I am sure you can relate to the team you support getting a dodgy free kick deep in the last quarter directly in front.

Sorry Swan42 not sure what point you are making there?? Can't remember Swans getting one recently although I may be wrong

That mikeh was my point. I think we can add Margetts to the list who should have his whistle confiscated permanently.

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